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Where are the apMemo notes stored?

apMemo saves your notes in a folder named "apMemo" ("apMemoLite" for the Lite version) located on the device's "sdcard". They are stored as regular text and PNG image files, so if you make a backup of that folder and transfer it to your computer, you'll be able to open your notes with any application that can read text files (e.g. Notepad) or display images.

It is recommended to backup the "apMemo" folder periodically using any available tools: copy it to your computer via USB cable, or zip it and upload to Dropbox.

Upgrade from apMemo Lite

If you've been using apMemo Lite, already have some notes, and decided to purchase full version of apMemo, please be assured that your notes will be safely migrated after the upgrade. On the first run apMemo will detect the notes from the Lite version and will import them. Please note: apMemo Lite will not see those notes anymore. You can uninstall it any moment - before or after installing apMemo.

Transferring apMemo data to a new device

apMemo does not yet have an automated backup/transfer functionality, but it's pretty easy to do it manually. Everything is stored in one folder named "apMemo" ("apMemoLite" for the Lite version) located on the device's "sdcard". All you need to do is copy that folder to the same location on a new device, install apMemo, and on the first run it will detect and load the memos from that folder.

Please note: when you are doing the manipulations described below with the "apMemo" folder on the new device, make sure apMemo application is not running. Either do not install it before that, or force-stop it in the Settings-Apps.

One way to transfer old notes to a new device is using your computer:

Another way would be to use any file manager, for example, ES File Explorer on the phone itself:

Oh no! My notes are gone!

We are really sorry to hear that!

First of all, apMemo will never delete your notes without your permission, and it will never delete them all at once! Even if for some unknown reason you may not be able to run apMemo (we are not aware of any such cases though), the notes are safely saved in the "apMemo" folder, and could be opened as regular text and image files by any application that can work with such files.

There might be, however, unfortunate situations when other applications could delete apMemo files while cleaning your device automatically or on your command. We've heard about several cases when the "CleanMaster" application deleted the whole "apMemo" folder. If you are using that utility, please make sure you check what files and folders it tries to "clean", and disable deletion of the "apMemo" folder, even though the cleanup utility may say the files in that folder are temporary and cached - that is not correct. The "apMemo" folder is the main location, where your notes are stored, please do not allow other application delete it!

If you have any questions, please email us.

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