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apMemo 1.0 (Freeware)

apMemo version 1.0 does not have all the features available in the latest version, but it is absolutely free!
Try it, get the idea, and come back to buy a full featured version!

apMemo10_arm.zip - ARM processor setup (all new PocketPCs and Windows Mobile devices)
apMemo10_mips.zip - MIPS processor setup (old Cassiopeia PocketPCs)
apMemo10_sh3.zip - SH3 processor setup (old Jornada PocketPCs)

Installation: Unzip and copy a corresponding apMemo_xxx.cab setup file to any folder on your PocketPC, use File Explorer to locate it there, and run it to install.

Difference between free and commercial version of apMemo

Features apMemo 1.0
apMemo 3.0
Supported resolution QVGA Any
Enhanced interface - +
Memo thumbnail view - +
Improved alarm pop-up displaying your memo - +
Vibra, repeat, and auto-snooze options for the alarm - +
Export to bitmap - +
Visual choice of pen size and color - +
Undo - +
Number of pen colors 8 16
Number of background colors 1 16
Maximal pen size 5 10
Customizable default background color and grid - +
Customizable default pen size and color - +
Customizable data file path - +
Indication of the current pen size and color on the toolbar - +
Indication of the assigned reminder on the toolbar - +
apMemoViewer program for Windows - +
Setup program for Windows - +

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Development History

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